Ladies of FYC

Ladies of FYC
  • FYC Strafes

    Queen Strafes

    Hello peeps! I’m Strafes and I’m the Hype-man. I’m 18 , love Disneyland, Sharks, and Gears of War (obviously). I’ve been playing since I was a kid, so I’m a trained little assassin...Read More

  • CaliSnow

    Cassie Ramshaw

    My name is Cassie but most just call me Cali. Born and raised in Southern California. Full time variety streamer on Mixer. Competitive Gears of War player since 2007. Killin the game since '89....Read More

  • MoMoSita

    Monica Alyce

    Nothing but love and laughs over here. I am a mommy first, Army veteran, Life Coach, Gamer, and kinda a badass! I love to do the unexpected and I am very spontaneous. Video games are life! I have been gaming since I was a little girl and I have been in love ever since. Throughout the years and over my deployments I've always been considered one of the "bros". I just want to play video games competitively, continuously grow, and be the best version of me possible. ...Read More