LucidSound is committed to bringing change to the gaming industry. Comprised of industry veterans, our collective experience allows us to take a fresh approach to gaming audio with the knowledge to build a quality product. We recognize that gaming is truly for everyone and aspire to make products anyone can enjoy.

LucidSound crafts audio products specifically for the needs of gamers in their everyday lives. Our headsets are designed to be worn in the living room but include styling and features for use on the go. We believe less is sometimes more and that translates to our sleek designs and our simple intuitive controls. Our philosophy is simple, make it look great, sound great and feel great.

ARMA is a brand endemic to Esports, our background is in the design sector of the gaming community, focusing our creative minds on constructing a superior standard of equipment for both teams and the fans that represent them in the industry.

Perfectionism is in our DNA, we are constantly evolving both our products and services to give our industry the absolute best there is to offer. Our goal is to produce the highest quality products, the most unique designs and make every brand that is part of Team ARMA stand above the rest

We are one of the leading brands , specialising in products for Simulation Racing, Gaming Chairs and Accessories for use in eSports and gaming.


Our aim is to provide our customers with a home setup that ensures they experience simulation to the highest standard at a very affordable price. With all of our products, we strive to provide a pain free, supreme experience in all aspects.

 We prize ourselves on our exceptional aftercare support which is supplied by our knowledgeable support team. In any case, we take the time to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied in a friendly, professional manner. Over the years, we’ve taken all feedback given to us and used it in a way that has helped us to continuously better our products and consistently progress as a provider and company. And we will continue to do so.